Beard Grooming Essentials
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Beard Grooming Essentials

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Shaving Gel
A cream formula that creates a whipped lather for a great shaving experience.
Made with argan and sandalwood oils that are known for their conditioning benefits as it also minimizes irritation and redness of the skin. It also contains glycerin and plant extracts that keep the skin smooth and moisturized. It gives you a comfortable shave with its great texture and moisturizing benefits. It does not have parabens or artificial coloring which irritates and dries the skin.
Beard Shampoo & Soap
For Shampoo: pour a small amount into the palm of your hands and wash your beard, making sure to thoroughly wash the skin under your beard, and rinse.use as often as desired, for best results, use 1 to 2 times a week
For Soap: Use daily to clean beard
Beard oil
Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath. Also, our oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent. 
Beard grow oil
Ingredients include castor oil, argan oil, and biotin
Shaving Gel
Suitable for all skin types, the shave gel from jojoba wax PEG-120 esters softens the face to prepare for a smoother, closer shave. Its glycerol allows the razor to glide over the skin, preventing razor burn or nicks. The lightweight gel intensely hydrates skin to reduce dryness and soothe irritation.
Beard Wax
Used to style, prevent split ends, reduces itchy skin, and control frizz. Ingredients include honey wax, jojoba oil, and shea butter.
Beard Balm & After Shave Balm
To be used after your morning shower is the perfect time to apply beard balm. Some men do apply it throughout the day or before going out for a night on the town. 

Most men simply use their fingers to apply balm but you can also use a wooden beard comb or brush if you prefer. It is best to apply your balm when your beard and skin is warm and damp as your hair and skin will absorb the most natural goodness from the oils and butter. Ingredients include beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter